A higher degree of simulation.

All games simulate real world human activity. Crafting, Questing, Combat, and Exploration are all simulations of actual human endeavors. Many convential online games have worked to decrease their degree of simulation, to simplify each of those activities to a minimum sequence of reasonless, ennui inducing key presses.

Colony2 is being designed to create a more immersive environment by creating game activities that more closely model the real world.


A role playing game for role players.

Many current online games that style themselves as MMORPGs are actually 70's style arcade games that diminish the impact of role playing to the point that it is unnecessary, unrewarding, and irrelevant.

Colony2 is being designed as a game in which role playing is completely necessary, unmistakably rewarding, and absolutely relevant.

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Unreal Engine 4.

The engine speaks for itself.